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Volcano Tour - Meet in the Park

3.5 to 4 Hour Meet in the Hawaii Volcano's National Park Tour

This tour is all about the Volcano National Park.  For this tour we meet you inside the Hawaii Volcano's National Park at the Visitor Center.  You will ride in our vehicle as we show you the Volcano Park.  

Along the drive we provide bottled water, and some chocolate macadamias to enjoy.

This tour takes in the following (Some areas may be closed for repair):

  1. Visitor Center
  2. Thurston Lava Tube where we will walk through a 500 year old lava tube
  3. Mauna Ulu 1969 to1974 Lava flow where you can walk out on a past lava flow. We will see some of the different formations including Tree Molds, Ramparts, Lava Tree and a fissure.
  4. Puhimau Crater - The deepest crater and also called Echo Crater
  5. Kilauea Iki the location of a 1959 eruption that filled in an existing crater with over 400 feet of new lava
  6. Kilauea Caldera - See all the recent changes from the volcano eruption from May to August 2018
  7. Steam Vents – We will stop and you can walk right up to one and feel the heat. We will walk to the crater rim which is where the steam bluff is and where a 400 foot drop off to the Kilauea Caldera offering another great view of the volcanoes main caldera.
  8. Chain of Craters road to the ocean where we see beautiful views, past lava flows and see the sea arch as well as the steam from the current entry point into the ocean 4 miles away.


$375  up to 4 guests.

$450  5 or 6 guests.

$550  7 to 10 guests.

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